Infertility treatment clinics in Iran

The first and most important step in the infertility treatment process is choosing the right medical center. The expertise of physicians and medical staff, the quality of services provided, and the up-to-date equipment are the most important factors in choosing an infertility treatment clinic. Choosing the right infertility treatment center can have a huge impact on the success of the treatment process and reduce the risks of IVF.

The high cost of treatment at many infertility clinics has prevented many couples from benefiting from these services. But the best fertility treatment centers in Iran, utilizing up-to-date knowledge and equipment, provide infertility treatment services at global quality and at a lower price than other countries. Therefore, many couples suffering from infertility problems choose infertility treatment clinics in Iran, as their treatment destination.

The Following are the best infertility and IVF treatment centers in Iran. For more information on infertility treatment and IVF in Iran, you can contact us through the free consultation section.

Best infertility treatment centers in Tehran

Royan fertility center

Royan Research Institute is one of the first and leading educational and research centers in the field of reproductive science and infertility treatment in Iran, which has been operating since 1991.

Royan Infertility Treatment Clinic offers the highest level of infertility services in the world, utilizing the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and with the practical help of specialists and experienced medical staff. Today, it is sufficiently recognized as the largest infertility treatment center in the Middle East, the second largest infertility treatment center in Asia, and among the 10 largest infertility treatment centers in the world in providing services to infertile couples.


The center’s honors in the field of infertility research and treatment include the following:

  • Birth of the first IVF baby was born in Tehran in 1992
  • Birth of the first ICSI baby in Iran in 1994
  • Birth of the first baby of genetic diagnosis, PGD method in 2004

The Royan Infertility Treatment Center annually provides medical services to over 10,000 Iranian and foreign infertile couples. The center has provided infertility treatment services to 5,000 foreign couples from 46 countries worldwide. So for many months of the year, it welcomes about 50 new foreign couples.

One of the most important reasons for the choice of foreign couples is the lower cost of services at the Royan Center compared to other infertility treatment centers worldwide. The Royan center offers high-quality, world-class service, but at much lower prices. For example, in Europe, the cost of an IVF cycle is about $ 15,000, in the US $ 25,000 and at the Royan Institute of the same quality, the cost of IVF is about $ 3,500. learn more about the cost of IVF in Iran: IVF Cost in Iran

Another pleasant thing about foreign couples’ welcome, especially Muslim couples, is the presence of a female patient care staff at this Center service which brings peace of mind to female patients.

Avicenna Infertility and Recurrent Abortion Treatment Center

The Avicenna Fertility Center was established in 2003 under the auspices of The Avicenna  Biological Sciences Research Institute in collaboration with the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) at the University of Germany, USHCL, one of the most prestigious infertility treatment centers in Europe.


About, 3500 cycles of ICSI Have been done in the Avicenna Fertility center from its beginning. The center obtained the ISO (9001:2008), and International Patient Department (IPD) permission from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran.

The center offers unique services to Iranian and foreign clients with 6 specialized infertility treatment clinics and prenatal care. Also Avicenna Infertility Specialty Center is the first center in Iran to specialize in the treatment of recurrent miscarriage and repeated failure in infertility treatment.

The Avicenna Center uses IUI, IVF, and ICSI to treat infertile couples. This Specialty Infertility Treatment Center also provides egg donation, fertility donation services, embryo donation, and surrogacy by establishing an egg bank. (Learn more about surrogacy and surrogacy in Iran: Surrogacy in Iran)

Learn more about egg donation service and Egg donation in Iran: Egg Donation in Iran

Avicenna Fertility Center is one of the leading centers in the research and use of stem cells to treat infertility in women. Women who have weak ovaries and whose ovarian responses are weakو are treated using stem cells in this center. Also, women at the borderline age of menopause can use their own menstrual blood stem cells to reduce the intensity of menopause and maintain their fertility.

MOM Fertility & IVF Center

MOM fertility and infertility center

MOM fertility Treatment and Reproductive Health Center is designed based on the most successful international centers. Using the most advanced equipment and with the cooperation of the most experienced Iranian specialists and physicians, this center has provided the best quality services to its clients. These services are provided in the best infertility and pregnancy health centers in the US and Europe.

All the services needed for infertility treatment in this center are provided comprehensively, integrated, and in the highest possible quality so that infertile couples can take care of their medical affairs in complete comfort and have no worries other than treatment. (One Stop Fertility Center)

MOM fertility Center uses the most up-to-date infertility treatment methods to help treat its clients. Clients of this center can use IUI, IVF, ICSI, Egg Donation service, surrogacy, PGD, PGS, and sex selection methods according to their conditions.

In addition to benefiting from advanced equipment and experienced doctors, MOM Fertility and Infertility Center has an advanced research and innovation department whose specialists study the field of gynecological knowledge and the latest methods of infertility diagnosis and treatment to provide the best medical services to couples.

Moheb Yas Hospital Infertility Center

Yas Hospital is one of the most comprehensive women’s hospitals and the first specialized maternity hospital in Iran. The hospital began operating as a women’s health, education, and research center in 1983.

In the Infertility Center of Yas Hospital, treatment is provided through medication (ovulation induction), IUI, and IVF. In addition to the high quality of health care provided at Yas Hospital, its interior design has been upgraded to world-class standards to enhance patient comfort.

Omid Fertility Clinic

The Omid Fertility Clinic is one of the first infertility treatment centers in Iran established in 1992. The center has achieved remarkable success in the field of diagnosis and treatment of infertility, utilizing the most advanced equipment and the latest treatment in the world.


Omid Fertility Clinic performs the necessary diagnostic procedures by providing various laboratory services. The center uses ovulation induction therapy, IUI, IVF, and ICSI to treat infertile couples.

Sarem Hospital Infertility Treatment Clinic

Sarem Hospital is one of the most equipped centers of gynecology, childbirth and infertility in Iran which started operating in 2006. The hospital has several clinics to treat gynecological diseases. Sarem Infertility Treatment Clinic is one of the most famous infertility treatment centers in Iran.


The strength of the Sarem Infertility Clinic is its medical team. The Sarem medical team consists of an infertility specialist, a geneticist, a midwife, a psychiatrist and a psychologist who incorporate infertility couples into an all-inclusive treatment process to get the best out of their treatment.

Wide ranges of infertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, ZIFT, etc. are performed at the Sarem Infertility Clinic.

Best fertility Centers in Urmia

 Kosar Infertility Treatment Center

The Kosar Infertility Treatment Center was established in 2003 to provide medical care to infertile couples in the Urmia Motahari Hospital Complex. The center is one of the most equipped state-run infertility treatment centers in the western part of Iran.  On average, 60 to 70 couples are admitted daily. In addition to Iranian patients, a foreign infertile couple from Iraq and Turkey also visits the Kosar Infertility Center for treatment.

Ovarian stimulation, IUI, IVF, ICSI, oocyte donation, embryo donation, and surrogate uterus can be performed at the Kosar Infertility Center. The success rate of treatment at this center is reported to be 30 to 40%.

Dr. Tizro Infertility Clinic

Dr. Tizro’s IVF surgery and IVF center began operating in 2009 as a private clinic. The center has been able to provide high-quality services to its patients by utilizing the most modern equipment and advanced technologies. At Dr. Tizro’s Infertility Clinic, all ART treatments such as IVF, ICSI, GIFT & ZIFT, and fetal, oocyte, and sperm cryopreservation are performed.

Top Mashhad Infertility Centers

Milad Infertility Center (Montaserieh)

The Milad infertility treatment center opened in 1996 in Mashhad. The center is a government-run treatment center that offers infertility treatment services to Iranian and foreign patients at a lower rate than private centers.

The Milad’s Infertility Center is ready to provide the latest infertility treatments to patients and clients using professional medical staff and modern equipment. Mild’s infertility center has made many desperate couples have a baby. The success rate of infertility treatment at the center has been reported at about 40%. The center has more than 400 IUI cases and more than 500 IVF cases in one year. Many patients from different countries, such as Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc … visit this center for the treatment of their infertility problems.

Novin Infertility Clinic

Novin Clinic is one of the leading specialized centers for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in eastern Iran. The clinic began operating in 2007 in Mashhad to provide infertility treatment services and assist infertile couples. The Novin Infertility Clinic uses the latest diagnostic methods such as hysteroscopy, hysterosonography, spermogram and TESE, PESA (in the conditions of azoospermia), and the most recent infertility techniques such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, fetal donation, and so on to assist infertile couples.

Novin clinic, after more than 10 years of activity, has become one of the leading centers in fetal health, infertility treatment, and recurrent miscarriage. Hundreds of infertile couples from Iran and worldwide visit the center annually for treatment.

Razavi Hospital Infertility Treatment Clinic

Razavi Infertility Clinic was founded in 2009 in Mashhad by a group of specialists in infertility, urology, and embryology that have undergone specialized courses in infertility treatment in Germany.

This clinic has been able to help many couples to have healthy children by utilizing the most effective methods of infertility treatment. Having experienced medical staff and advanced equipment and the success rate of treatment in Razavi Infertility Clinic makes it one the best in the world.


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