The cost of egg donation in Iran

Infertility treatments are often performed using the oocyte and sperm of couples. However, in cases where the woman’s ovarian reserve is low or the quality of the oocyte is low, the use of egg donation increases the chances of successful treatment. Receiving a donated egg has always been associated with challenges and sensitivities for infertile couples. Ensuring the health of the donor, the proper quality of the eggs, the similarity of the donor to the couple, and maintaining confidentiality are the most important concerns of these couples.

egg donation cost in Iran

In addition, finding a reputable medical center, and a reasonable cost for egg donation is another concern of the couple. Reputable fertility treatment centers in Iran, by observing strict protocols in the process of egg donation and providing donor egg services at reasonable prices, have addressed all these concerns of infertile couples. Accurate and rigorous screening in fertility treatment centers has led to a high-quality egg donation process in Iran. So the success rate of egg donation in Iran is at the level of the top fertility treatment centers in the world.

Confidentiality of information about egg donors and recipients in Iranian infertility treatment centers has to ease couples applying for donated eggs. On the other hand, the cost of egg donation in Iran is lower compared to many countries in the world. This has led many couples from around the world to travel to Iran to receive donor egg services.

Process of egg donation in Iran

The egg donation process is completely legal in Iran. Couples who want to use a donated egg for reasons such as aging, premature menopause, reduced ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, or prevention of genetic disease transmission can benefit from egg donation services. In addition to Iranian couples, non-Iranian couples can also use these services. Learn more about pregnancy in premature menopause: IVF & Premature Ovarian Failure

تبرع البويضات في ايران

In Iranian infertility treatment centers, IVF or ICSI is used for donated eggs. The IVF process using donated eggs has several steps that must be performed step by step. The IVF treatment process, as the most common method of fertility treatment, includes the stages of ovulation induction, ovulation (extraction of eggs from the ovary),  collection of a sperm sample, and embryo formation (fertilization of eggs by sperm in the laboratory), and finally embryo transfer. The process of receiving a donated egg in the best infertility treatment centers in Iran includes the following steps:

  • No.1)Receiving physical characteristics: to match the physical characteristics of the donor with the infertile couple, the first information about blood type, skin color, eye color, etc. is taken from the couple. Based on this information, an attempt is made to select a person who is more similar to the couple from the egg donors.
  • NO.2) Donor screening: to check the health of the egg donor, various tests are taken from the egg donor. These assessments are necessary to ensure the health and quality of the egg.
  • NO.3) Oocyte pick up: After performing the necessary examinations and approval of a specialist doctor, the appropriate donor is selected. At this stage, the specialist doctor starts to stimulate ovulation by prescribing medication. After the eggs mature, they are removed from the donor’s ovaries during an outpatient procedure.
  • NO.4) Embryo formation: Donated eggs are fertilized in the laboratory by IVF or ICSI by the sperm of the recipient’s husband. The formed embryos are ready to be transferred to the mother’s uterus in the laboratory during the early stages of development.
  • NO.5) The embryo transfer to the uterus: The specialist doctor prepares the uterus of the egg recipient for embryo implantation. Then, on a specific day determined by the doctor, one or more embryos are transferred to the mother’s uterus. The remaining embryos are frozen and stored for transfer in subsequent cycles.

The information of the egg donor and the couple receiving the egg in the fertility treatment centers of Iran is completely confidential and no information about them is provided to the parties. Confidentiality of information allows couples who intend to use a donated egg to use this service with ease.

The success rate of egg donation in Iran

تكلفة البويضات المتبرع بها في إيران

In the fertility treatment centers in Iran the eggs of young donors with quality eggs; are used for egg donation. To ensure the health of donated eggs, the donor must have a healthy child or children. Since the eggs of young and fertile women are used in the process of donated eggs the success rate of fertility treatment using donated eggs in the best infertility treatment centers is between 50 and 60%. Learn more about ways to improve the chances of IVF success: Ways to Increase the Chances of IVF Success

The cost of IVF with donor egg in Iran

Infertility treatment centers in Iran, using up-to-date knowledge and equipment, offer various methods of high-quality fertility treatment. Egg donation is one of the most effective fertility treatment services. So that the success rate of egg donation in the best IVF centers in Iran is equal to the top fertility treatment centers in the world. Meanwhile, the cost of donated eggs in Iran is lower than in many countries in the world. This issue has caused many couples from different parts of the world to choose Iran to receive egg donor services.

The cost of egg donation in Iran in the best fertility treatment centers is between $ 3,500 to $ 5,000. This includes the cost of donated eggs, ultrasounds,  blood tests for a couple,  sperm analyses,  medication, the cost of in vitro fertilization, and the embryo transfer to the uterus. In addition, if the couple wishes, the extra embryos will be frozen and stored for transfer in the future.

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IVF with Donor eggs in Iran

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