Effect of smoking on fertility

Does smoking affect on fertility?

Smoking and hookah do not necessarily lead to infertility, but they do have a detrimental effect on couples’ fertility. Smoking can interfere with the functioning of the male and female reproductive system and cause dysfunction in female ovulation and male erections. In addition, smoking and hookah increase the risk of complications and problems during pregnancy.

Most people know that smoking and Tobacco consumption increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, lung disease and cancer. But many of them are unaware of the negative effects of smoking on fertility problems in men and women.

smoking effects on fertility

.How does smoking affect a couple’s fertility?

The rate of infertility in men and women smokers is about twice more than the non-smokers. In addition, with the increase in the number of cigarettes used by men or women during the day, the risk of fertility problems increases.

The effects of smoking and smoking abuse on women’s fertility are as high as those reported in men. Therefore, in order to have a healthy pregnancy, smoking should be stopped in both men and women.

The effect of smoking on male fertility

Chemical and toxic substances in cigarettes and hookahs can reduce the sperm quality and function in men. So, in men who regularly smoke and smoke hookahs, the Sperm have not able to enter the egg due to poor quality and poor shape. On the other hand, smoking and hookah may cause genetic abnormalities in sperm and eventually lead to birth defects in the fetus.

effects of smoking for males

In addition, smoking can cause impotence in men and lead to erectile dysfunction.

However, there is no reliable scientific evidence that smoking leads to infertility. But research has shown that the number of abnormal sperm in male smokers is higher. In addition, the low sperm counts and low motility in male smokers reduce sperm’s ability to fertilize eggs. Therefore, it is recommended that if a couple intends to become pregnant, it is best to stop smoking before attempting to do so.

The effect of smoking on women’s fertility:

Smoking in women, in addition, to reduce the quality of eggs, can also have a negative effect on the functioning of the female reproductive system.

  • Effect of cigarettes on eggs: Smoking destroys the genetic material in the eggs. Therefore, women who smoke are more likely to become pregnant with chromosomal problems in the fetus, miscarriage, or birth defects.
  • Effects of smoking on the ovaries: Tobacco use can cause ovarian dysfunction. Smoking in women can cause hormonal changes and menstrual irregularities, making it difficult to ovulate.
  • Effects of smoking on the uterus: Smoking can increase the risk of uterine disease and thus adversely affect the uterine function. Some research has shown that smoking in women is associated with cervical cancer, which eliminates the chance of fertility in women.
  • Effects of smoking on pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy and preterm delivery are more common among women who smoke. For increase chance of IVF  success, specialists recommend that you stop smoking at least 3 months before the IVF treatment. Learn more about the causes of IVF failure: Causes of IVF failure
Effects of smoking on pregnancy
  • Premature menopause: The presence of chemicals such as nicotine, cyanide and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke increases the rate of egg loss. This means that menopause in women who smoke is 1 to 4 years earlier than the non-smokers.

 Are infertility treatments effective in smokers?

In addition to the negative effects of smoking on male and female fertility, it also reduces the chances of infertility treatment success. Research shows that women who smoke need more medication during the IVF process   to stimulate ovulation. However, they have fewer eggs at the time of ovulation.

Also, the rate of pregnancy in smoker’s women is less common than the non-smokers who choose IVF for infertility treatment.

I (woman) do not smoke, but my wife (man) is a smoker. Does cigarette smoke affect my fertility?

smoking effects on fertility to female

Women who are exposed to cigarette smoke may also be exposed to all the dangers that are mentioned to be. Therefore, smoking cessation is recommended for both men and women to have a healthy pregnancy.

If I stop the smoking, will my chances of a healthy pregnancy increase?

Yes, the smoking cessation can improve fertility rate.

However, the reduced egg storage and damaged eggs cannot be compensated.

If a person leave the smoking and no longer smoke, complications of pregnancy due to smoking are also reduced.

Recourse:  The website of the American Fertility Medicine Association and Patient Education.

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